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Revisiting Balotelli after Roberto Mancini says the Italian may become another Adriano

There are few people who know Mario Balotelli better than Roberto Mancini. In a recent interview with Italy’s Courriere della Sera, the former Manchester City manager claimed that Balotelli risks ending his own career. According to Mancini, Balotelli “could go the way of [Brazilian] Adriano,” and adds he “has declined in every aspect of the… Read More »

On Mario Balotelli: and why Gabriele Marcotti got this one wrong

In one of his more recent columns, Sports Illustrated columnist Gabriele Marcotti defended much of Mario Balotelli’s reprehensible behavior. According to Mr. Marcotti, the Manchester City bad-boy is actually a victim of an over-zealous media, intent on vilifying the Italian, and completely oblivious to a unique combination of hindering factors. Balotelli is – Mr. Marcotti claims –… Read More »