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Spots for Grabs: Portugal’s Provisional Squad

Follow Eric Krakauer on Twitter @bigsoccerheadny This article first appeared on Soccerly.com Surprising may be too strong a word, but Portugal’s provisional World Cup squad certainly has its peculiarities. Gone are some of Paulo Bento’s regular “reserve” call-ups, such as Danny (Zenit) and Ruben Micael (Braga), and in their stead the manager has injected some… Read More »

Why Paulo Bento Deserves Contract Extension

Follow Eric Krakauer on Twitter @bigsoccerheadny Despite the very divided reaction in Portugal, Paulo Bento’s contract extension with the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) does not only make sense, but is also deserved. Since taking over from Carlos Queiroz’ turbulent two-year tenure in 2010, Bento has brought consistency to the Portuguese set-up, and more importantly, has… Read More »

The Federation, The Coach, Drugs, and Nani

The Portuguese Anti-Doping Agency (ADoP) has suspended Portuguese national coach, Carlos Queiroz, from coaching for six months. After an almost two month long legal battle, the agency found Queiroz guilty of obstructing the drug testing of Portuguese players prior to the world cup. The punishment also comes after the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) levied its… Read More »

Replay, Mr. Blatter?

I know that I’ve been harping on this for a while, but when is FIFA going to realize that goal-line technology is essential to soccer? To be honest, the introduction of technology into the game should not be limited to goal-line technology. FIFA should also allow fourth officials to use video analysis in order to… Read More »